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" A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle... "

~ Kahlil Gibran

Become A Volunteer


Volunteers have played and continue to play an important role in the work of NGOs. ECNGOC encourages volunteers to work with the provincial office, provincial and regional structures and sectors.

Recruitment of volunteers: Volunteers offering their services will be evaluated and contracted based on the identified and agreed needs of the organisation. From time to time the organisation may also actively try to recruit volunteers to fulfill particular needs. ECNGOC will try to accommodate the needs and learning objectives of volunteers provided these do not detract from its work or priorities.
Wherever possible, preference will be given to Eastern Cape and/or South African volunteers. In exceptional cases where no Eastern Cape or South African resident can be found ECNGOC will consider foreign nationals for specific tasks. In these instances ECNGOC will not be responsible for securing work permits, although it will provide a letter to the Department of Home Affairs detailing the work and contract agreed.

Contracts: Volunteers will be contracted for an initial period of three months. During this period their input will be evaluated and assessed and where appropriate longer-term contracts negotiated.

Management: Volunteers will be allocated to a mentor and manager prior to starting work. These people will be responsible for volunteers’ orientation and the management of their work. Regular monthly work reviews will assess the work programme and skills development of the volunteer. Volunteers cannot represent the Coalition at any public events without the prior consent of management. Volunteers will be expected to adhere to all ECNGOC’s polices and procedures

Payment: In general, volunteers will not be paid for work carried out. However they can claim for expenses incurred in the course of their work. These must be pre-authorized by the Provincial Executive Committee. In exceptional cases and from time to time ECNGOC may, at its discretion, pay volunteers a small stipend for the work done. The decision to pay a stipend will be based on the finances of ECNGOC, the individual’s financial situation, the need being fulfilled and the skills of the person. A stipend will be paid for an agreed period, after which the person’s role and contract will be reviewed.

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