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" Nature knows no pause in progress and development, and attaches her curse on all inaction. "

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Impact of Community Based Organisations

aids_ribbonMasikhule Community Development Organisation, is a community based organisation (CBO) based in Sterkspruit, in the Eastern Cape Province. It   played a crucial role of saving lives of the patients at Empilisweni District hospital. The organization committed voluntary services during the time of Government employees strike from 23rd of August to 6th of September 2010.

The volunteers under Masikhule divided themselves such that some of them did the laundry using the washing machines, operating them well as if they were trained on how to operate them. No shortage of linen was experienced by the hospital. Some were in the kitchen where they cleaned the area and cooked very well for patients. They delivered food to the wards, dished out and helped to feed helpless patients.

They also washed and turned helpless patients in the wards. During their free time, they cleaned the whole hospital.

The patients commented that the food was very nicely cooked, well prepared, and delicious and was enough. Volunteers showed commitment and were never reminded of their work. The hospital looked and appeared as if there was no strike at all. Good work was done with good spirit by people who showed responsibility and commitment.  

Masikhule is a member organisation of the Eastern Cape NGO Coalition, and one of the many organizations doing great work of transforming and taking ownership of the communities in addressing social and economic issues. The work of the civil society should never be underestimated as it goes a long way in complementing the Government’s efforts and equipping communities to be responsible and active citizens.

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