Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Child Walfare Society EL

History: Child Welfare South Africa: East London (CWSA:EL) is a registerd non- profit organisation, which started in 1916 by churches and women's societies as a Women's and Girl's Shelter. It has since developed into a child protection organisation. The organisations main function over the past 93 years has been child protection throgh social services to the children and families within the communities of East London. In addition, our services now include social development. All of our services are structured into programmes and although some of the programmes are still traditional social services, all of them include development activities aimed at making a contribution towards the development of communities. CWSA:EL strives to holistic and integrated services towards the communities in East London targeting children and families of diverse cultures.

Focus Areas: We provide assistance to children between the ages of 0-21 years and are specifically target the following in the incoming year:

  • Approximately 200 unemployed parents within our Child Protection Programme.
  • Approximately 80 single parents.
  • Approximately 100 parents of children already placed in alternative care in our Usapho Programme.
  • The 15 Children's Home and
  • Educare centres in our communities, which are struggling to provide meals to the children.

Target group/Beneficiaries:

  • Neglected Children.
  • Abandoned Children.
  • Orphaned Children.
  • Abused Children.
  • Exploited Children.
  • Child Trafficking.
  • Child infected/affected by HIV/AIDS.