Monday, April 12, 2021

Kwenzekile HBC

History: The community of Ward 23, Buffalo City-Eastern Cape, notong the suffering experianced by their fellow community members who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, the poverty of orphans, the neglect of the aged and the chronic, come together and initiated the establishment of a home based care centre, whose purpose is to provide love and care of such vulnerable community members, strike for the improvement of their health status and social justice and to share a meaningful life.

Vision: Kwenzekile Home Based Care HIV/AIDS Centre is a non-profit organisation, seeks to contribute to the improvement of the health status and social well-being of the HIV/AIDS infected and affected, the orphans, the aged and the chronic in the short and long terms. It shall, in the meantime and short term, for those who are bad-ridden, bring the health services and social security benefits to their doorstep, where possible. The overall purpose being, the supporting, the loving and caring of those vulnerable community members to access health and social security provisions. The organization endeavours to establish a well-built institution to provide for these services in the long term hence, because of its determination, operates its businesses from a privately owned premises, on agreement with the owner. 

Mission: Improve the health status of HIV/AIDS infected and affected, improve access of the vulnerable tosocial justice.


  • To provide health status of HIV/AIDS infected and affected.
  • To care for the bedridden.
  • To care for the orphans.
  • To care for the neglected elderly.
  • To care for the chronic.

Focus Areas: 

  • Care for the aged.
  • Care for the children.
  • Provide health care.
  • Welfare.

Target group/Beneficiaries:

  • HIV/AIDS infected and affected.
  • Orphans.
  • The elderly.