Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Siyakhula HBC

Mission: Siyakhula Home Based Care exists to raduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and the other diseases to people of our administrative area through suppoting, caring, and encouraging vegetable gardening and nutrition.


  • To fight poverty and high rate of unemployment.
  • To give care and support to women, children, youth, old age and disabled people especially HIV/AIDS victims.
  • To educate people on how to take care of the sick at homes to health hazards.
  • To strengthen poeple who are ill to boost them spiritually and counsel them.
  • To assist old people and disabled who are illiterate to get pensions and grants.
  • To help people and create jobs through self employment.
  • to improve the quality of life of old aged people, sick, poor and orphans.
  • To volunteer within government departments in order to improve the lives of the communities where necessary.
  • To co-operate and network with other organisations and government departments which deal with  Home based Care.

Focus Areas: 

  • Old aged people.
  • Community Development.
  • The disabled.
  • Health.
  • Gender Violence.
  • Religion.
  • Safety and Security.
  • Women and Children.