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" Leadership is an act of convening. "

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History of ECNGOC

HistoryThe Eastern Cape NGO Coalition (ECNGOC) was established in 1995 when development NGOs of the Eastern Cape Province decided to establish and participate in an association of NGOs, through which joint action, representation of common interests, provision of training and support, information-sharing and co-ordination of activities could be pursued. This was largely in response to the developmental challenges and demands facing NGOs in South Africa as a result of the democratic transition. Since that time, ECNGOC has worked in a non-funding role to support and promote the work of development organisations. It has a representative structure of 166 active NGOs, CBOs, and faith-based organisations working in different sectors, such as agriculture, local economic development, local governance, land, housing, education, welfare, health, human rights, etc.

Now in its 16th year of existence, ECNGOC is widely regarded as the leading provincial NGO Coalition, and accorded recognition as the most representative body of the development sector in the Province.  It plays a significant representative role in many consultative multi-partite forums and government-led development processes, not just in the province, but in South Africa.

 GOAL: The ECNGOC’s goal is to build a stronger NGO/CBO sector, with supportive structures and leadership, in order to increase their impact on poverty eradication and democratic processes in the Eastern Cape. It is also charged with improving the capacity of member NGOs and CBOs to effectively engage with policy, contribute to development theory and good practice, sustain their operations, and fulfil their social mandate.

As part of its ongoing efforts to promote a transformative agenda, ECNGOC membership has particularly been interested in finding creative ways of diverting the destructive energy currently depicted by community unrests, frustrations of unemployment, deepening inequality, the devastating impact of HIV & AIDS, climate change, etc.... into constructive ideas owned by the people (citizen driven) utilising existing talents and stories for resource mobilisation and sustainable community development. Thus at the Biennial General Meeting (BGM) held in November 2009 with the theme “Walking together to influence change”, the membership adopted the Asset-Based Community Development philosophy and approach to development, which recognize the strengths, gifts, talents and resources of individuals and communities and helps citizens to mobilize and build on their human, social, financial, physical and natural capitals for sustainable development.


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