Tuesday, August 09, 2022

" Nature knows no pause in progress and development, and attaches her curse on all inaction. "

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

How to Join ECNGOC

NGOs/CBOs will be eligible to join ECNGOC if they subscribe to the aims and objectives of ECNGOC as set out in the Constitution, and fulfill the following criteria:
  • Voluntary.
  • Independent.
  • Not-for-profit.
  • Not self-serving in aims and related values.
a. NGOs/CBOs can apply for membership of ECNGOC at the Provincial Office or via their respective regional structures (RECs).

b. The NGO/CBO is required to complete an ECNGOC membership application form and submit it to the Provincial Office or via their regional representatives (RECs).

c. The following documentation has to be submitted:
  • Application form,
  • Copy of the Constitution or any other documentation regarding the NGO/CBOs legal status of association,
  • Signed copy of Code of Ethics, and
  • NPO registration certificate if available.
d. The application is assessed and approval from a regional representative will be sought in the absence of an NPO registration certificate.

e. If the application is successful, the NGO/CBO is issued with a certificate, with a membership number, on payment of the affiliation fees.

f. Only accredited affiliates in good standing will be eligible to receive benefits affiliate NGOs may accrue, and to represent ECNGOC at any level or in any forum, or to vote on any issue.

Affiliation fees

Fees are paid annually on a sliding scale according the following formula:

Annual budget of organisation
Less than R100 000.00
Between R100 000.00 and R500 000.00 
Over R500 000.00
Annual fees for an individual* organisation



*An extra R100 is paid for any additional office/branch.


Contact Us

Physical Address:
Block J1
Emonti Science & Technology Park
East London IDZ Zone 1C
East London

Postal Address:

Postnet 227
Private Bag X9063
East London, 5200

Telephone: 087 373 1081/5/2
Fax: 086 622 4780

Email: info@ecngoc.co.za