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" Nature knows no pause in progress and development, and attaches her curse on all inaction. "

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

An update on our Projects

projects_smThe following projects are new within the ECNGOC and are implemented together with a number of NGOs and CBOs in the districts where they have been selected to take place.  These are:

1. The Premier's Priority Projects previously called the Premier's Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), new funding has been approved and 7 organisations/projects have been supported. These are:

. Chalumna Youth Development Centre,
. Embaleni Child and Youth Care Centre,
. Mabaleni Community ( in Amathole District),
. Isolomzi Home Based Care organisation ( in Chris Hani district),
. Masabelane Centre (in Joe Gqabi district)-Peddie Development Centre (in Nelson Mandela Metro). This project is in place for 12 months from January 2011 to December 2011-03-072.

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New Zealand Experience

dudu_webThe ECNGOC Programmes Manager, Duduzile Radebe was supported by the NZAid SAFE fund to visit New Zealand in December 2010, to facilitate a workshop on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) and meet several other organisations to reflect on community development approaches.  The trip was also very instrumental in collecting information and experiences relating to philanthropy and how organisations in New Zealand are implementing ideas on philanthropy to sustain development activities.

  • Lessons Learnt include:

The Asset Based Community Development Approach is increasingly impacting various parts of the world, used to deepen the footprints of development through putting development back in the hands of communities and individuals 

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NEW Funding Opportunity - Civil Society Development Fund

moneyFunding Opportunity - Civil Society Development Fund
Call for concept notes
Closing date for the submission of concept notes: 22 April 2011
The Civil Society Development Fund, an initiative of the Embassy of France in South Africa, supports South African Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in their endeavours to strengthen democratic governance and social cohesion
The Embassy of France has opened its 2011 call for concept notes from CSOs seeking to strengthen their capacity so as to engage with local authorities on issues of local sustainable development and the respect of human rights.
The average grant per project is expected to be around € 50 000. Grant allocations made by the Civil Society Development Fund may not exceed 70% of the total budget of the project.
More information and application form available on www.ambafrance-rsa.org

ECNGOC Budget 2011/2012 Response

randThe Eastern Cape NGO Coalition welcomes the strong focus in this year’s budget on building the economy through investing in young people. Focusing on youth is a forward-looking approach to developing this country’s future for all its people. Young people are the cornerstone of building a sustainable country as we continue to grow our democracy. The focus on fast tracking the employment and employability of young people by enabling access to quality education and skills building whilst ensuring that businesses bring on board young talent are important pillars for supporting the participation of young people in building the economy.

However, there are gaps and areas of concern in the budget that need serious consideration, such as:

Budget allocations to organisations such as NYDA, meant to promote the objectives of supporting youth employment and skilling, need to be carefully monitored to ensure that the funds allocated are used effectively. 

The budget prioritises the growing and sustaining of the formal economy through employment, by the business sector. Whilst this is important, studies have shown that the Civil Society sector, particularly NGOs and CBOs tend to absorb a lot of the unemployed people

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Introducing Ready for Success

A Life Skills and Business-oriented Training Programme
The Eastern Cape NGO Coalition is supporting the "Ready for Success" Training Programme. What is it?  It is a Life Skills and Business-Oriented training programme.
Why Ready for Success?
There is a need in South AFrica for high-quality education and training programmes that equip young people with skills and knowledge to succeed in life in a holistic sense.The development of such programmes is a time-consuming and costly exercise.  In addition, the effectiveness of any new programme can only be measured after implementation.
The Ready for Success Programme is a tried and tested ready-to-use life skills and business-oriented training programme.  The programme was developed, piloted and refined over a 12 year period by the GM South Africa Foundation, the social responsibility division of the GM South AFrica Motor Corporation.  It was initiated in 1997 in response to the need for more learners from disadvanteged communities in South Africa firstly to gain entry to higher education business studies; secondly to succeed in their higher education studies; and thirdly to make a positive contribution to South African business and the economy. Today the programme also caters for learners who do not specifically wish to enter business studies but who require vital life, business and employment skills.
A copy of the training programme may be downloaded from the Media\Publications\Contemporary publicatons page on our website.

The Impact of Community Based Organisations

aids_ribbonMasikhule Community Development Organisation, is a community based organisation (CBO) based in Sterkspruit, in the Eastern Cape Province. It   played a crucial role of saving lives of the patients at Empilisweni District hospital. The organization committed voluntary services during the time of Government employees strike from 23rd of August to 6th of September 2010.

The volunteers under Masikhule divided themselves such that some of them did the laundry using the washing machines, operating them well as if they were trained on how to operate them. No shortage of linen was experienced by the hospital. Some were in the kitchen where they cleaned the area and cooked very well for patients. They delivered food to the wards, dished out and helped to feed helpless patients.

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Memo to ECNGOC Stakeholders

Re: SANGOCO Eastern Cape

The leadership and management of the Eastern Cape NGO Coalition (ECNGOC) have become aware of the recruitment and meetings that have been organised to set up an organisation named: SANGOCO Eastern Cape, by a former Chairperson of the ECNGOC, Mr. Jimmy Gotyana who was removed from office by the ECNGOC Provincial Executive Committee in December 2008.  There have been efforts made to form collaborations with various other important entities in the Province. We wish to advise our members and partners that this new organisation has no linkages in any form, with the ECNGOC.

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Deaf Awareness

deaf_awareness_webTHE SOUND OF SILENCE
Imagine not knowing what the sound of music is like. Imagine having never heard your child’s voice or the rev your favourite car makes. Picture yourself in a stadium surrounded by sixty-thousand spectators and not being able to hear the roar of the crowd when your team scores. This is a privilege a number of South Africans do not have.
By Shamin Chibba

Deaf communities around the world will unite in celebrating Deaf Awareness Week between August 30 and September 4. According to Xomba.com, the commemorative week began 69 years ago and was meant to “educate communities about the many issues the deaf population face during everyday life, as well as to honor the history and culture of people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing”. According to Nomfundo Sikondo of the Deaf Federation of South Africa (DEAFSA), the deaf community has a unique culture that they wish able-hearing people can understand.

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Reflections on Women's Advancement

August 9 was more than an historical day for women in South Africa. It revolutionised the way society views women in general. It was the day the country realised that women were more powerful than what society thought, and that the stand those women made at the Union Buildings 54 years ago continues to resonate till today. It has inspired millions
of women to take the mantle in deciding the destiny of their own lives. The ECNGOC spoke to three women who have worked in women’s organisations and they discuss with us the significance of women’s month and what this means for the struggle for the gender equality in South Africa.

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Thoughts on the Media Tribunal

By Mandisi Brukwe

newspaper_webThe former apartheid regime manipulated press freedom through pieces of legislation to ensure that it manages to perpetuate National Party rule at the expense of majority of South Africans, who became second-class citizens and outcasts in the land of their birth. Journalists were thrown in and out of jail, sometimes spending up to six months in detention without trial. An unfortunate few vanished from earth without a trace. Those who were lucky were found dead in prison cells and the only explanation given by the authorities was that they had committed suicide. South Africans have vowed never to experience that part of their history again by voting out the now defunct National Party and opted for a new order under the leadership of the African National Congress (ANC).

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